Sunday 12 August 2018

1808.12 HEATWAVE

If there's one thing most people will remember about 2018 it will be the record breaking heatwave and it would be remiss of me to mention it. I've chosen to use this current hiatus in the soaring temperatures to mention it.

The 2018 heatwave was declared on 30th June with temperatures reaching around 30˚C, now I know some citizens of the world may scoff at that but for us in the UK it is practically unbearable. You'd think the conditions would open up loads of opportunities to enjoy this unusual climate, not really, it's just too hot to continue regular daily life. Air conditioning isn't as standard in homes and workplaces - we regulate air temperature with the humble desk fan.
The UK's weather system is controlled by the jet stream which hovers over the country providing the changeable weather and climate we all know and moan about incessantly. Throughout June, July and most of August the jet stream was sitting above the country inviting the hot, dry weather from the south. Now as everyone knows, the British love to moan about the weather and this hot spell has been no exception (of course they must have forgotten that there was bloody snow in May).
I'm glossing over the serious side of this with farmers' struggling to water crops and wildfires decimating large portions of the countryside. A significant portion of the world have also suffered with heatwave of their own which has caused devastation and loss of life which makes the UK's look insignificant.

The weather has changed this last week with it returning to cooler and slightly wetter, and more normal for us. I'm on holiday soon, I hope the warm dry weather comes back, even if it's just for the week.

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