Wednesday 29 August 2018


There are few that understand what I'm talking about when I talk about my happy place. I have come to believe that there is a place for everyone in this planet and it will resonate at the same frequency as the person - you know when you've truly found it. Don't get it? You've yet to  find yours, some people are lucky enough to live in theirs. I'm not that lucky - yet!

This year there were some changes to our trip to New Quay (Cei Newydd) West Wales;

For the first time in over 10 years we were staying in a static caravan, to top it the location of the van was about 2 miles from the sea. We needn't worried, the caravan was beautiful - modern and comfortable. As for the location we made it work fine. The benefits were the cost savings which meant we could afford a few extra days.

My youngest brought her boyfriend with her this year which seriously changed the dynamic. I've shared my special place with others in the past and whilst I'm sure they find the place beautiful but don't see the fuss.

Without being boring I'll try and share the highlights of our 10 wonderful days...

The week opened with a topical coastal display which is close to my heart, a sea monster designed to highlight the blight of plastics in our oceans. See for more information.
The Cragen on Dolau beach
I also got to meet up with a twitter friend, David, a fellow Star Trek fan from nearby Cardigan. He also shares a love of New Quay. We spent some time chatting before popping down to the beach to see the sea monster. I look forward to meeting up with him again in the future.

That same evening, following an evening in the local pubs I left my camera in the taxi. I actually only realised when the taxi company shared the fact on their Facebook page. The fact differentiates the honesty of people in the area.

One thing I've wanted to do in NQ for ages now is visit the Penlon cottage brewery which do events every Saturday. Well now they have a bar overlooking the beach which was a lovely edition to the town.
A beer at Penlon by the Beach
We also (as a double bonus) visited the farm brewery the second Saturday. Awesome place.
View from the Penlon farm brewery
Had the obligatory boat trip which was a bit choppy. Rags even got to drive the boat!

We explored more, made a few new friends and relaxed. Finally it was time to leave this place, in fact I like to think we rip ourselves from this place. Our dream remains to one day make this our forever home.

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