Tuesday 25 December 2018


I like to take this opportunity to look back on my year at this time. As usual I'm publishing this post at the same time the Queen gives her address to the commonwealth. In reality I'm probably eating my dinner at this point, if you're catching up later I'll probably drinking beer.

I've not been quite as busy on my blog this year but I've changed the format a little, notably I'm featuring a more 'seaside postcard' format to my cartoons. The webcomics have been sidelined a little since I'm struggling to find funny material to draw. I hope to revisit it next year. 

So let's look at my year...

What I’m Remembering…

The extreme winter weather at the beginning of the year which stopped the country in it's tracks. On the other end of the scale we were treated to one of the hottest summers on record, a summer that still failed to stretch out to our holiday at the end of August.

Still my holiday was the highlight of my year. We tried something new this year which added new dimensions to our experience.

Brexit has dominated everything newswise this year. It's becoming ridiculous that after all the lies the leave campaign have been found out to have told this is still going ahead. The potential catastrophic event promises to roll on into next year. 

What I’m Happy About…

My daughter had her prom which made me very proud. She also marched in her last Remembrance Sunday with the Army Cadet Force.

A Welshman won the Tour de France.

My beard makes me happy, it's continuing to grow and I now decorate it with Viking beads and it looks awesome.

My family has grown closer and we have a great relationship. As the kids are older now I'm getting more opportunities to spend quality time with Morticia. It's a great feeling of freedom.

What I’m Worried About…

Work is good, the best it's been in years yet the senior ivory tower dwellers are conducting a review on my role. No one is at risk at this time but their motives are not clear. 

The world is in a state of turmoil with Trump in the White House, North Korea being naughty, Putin murdering ex spies on British Soil using deadly nerve agents or the Tories continued onslaught onto the poor and disabled. These are unsettling times. 

What I’m Annoyed About…

Just like last year Brexit is the one news item which has divided the nation. We are all in a metaphorical double decker bus which is about to be driven off a cliff and half the passengers are stubbornly saying that this is what was decided 2 years ago so are happy to go over. The other half of us (me included) are frantically ringing the bell trying to get the driver to reconsider.

My cycling started off well but the later part of the year tailed off. I'm off track and apart from cycling to work I haven't ridden a mile for months.

What I’m Looking Forward To Next Year…

Next year is our 20th Wedding Anniversary. It will also be 25 years since we first got together. Planning is still in early stages but we are hoping to spend our special day in our special place.

What I’m Dreading…

I'd like to see my work life stabilised once and for all. Aside from that I'm dreading nothing really for next year, all in all I'm quite positive.

What I’m Loving...

Like last year I'm loving Star Trek. Discovery season 2 starts in a few weeks and a new 'Picard' show is planned for the end of the year. I'm loving my rekindling of my love of drawing cartoons, it'll never make me rich but it's a great way of unwinding.

What I’m Planning…

Nothing much planned for next year. I'm hoping to get to Wales more than once this year. I'm also hoping to get my cycling back on track.

That's my lot for another year, settle down and raise a glass of your favourite beverage....

makien cheres
Iechyd da, Skål
Na zdrowie, Sláinte,
干杯, Proost, Prost
Будем здоровы


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