Wednesday 23 January 2019


I'm a passionate remainer. I make no apology for it, I believe that the path this country is on is wrong. Problem is I'm surrounded by "Brexiteers", it's difficult to have a decent conversation.

Not long ago the government asked the nation a very important question, they entrusted the people with a decision that they felt only they could answer. I am of course talking to you about the naming of the Natural Environment Research Council polar research vessel. The British people voted and the decision was made. The people elected to call the boat "Boaty McBoatface".

There was of course the other vote. The government asked the people if they wanted to leave or stay within the EU. Unless you've been living in a cave you'll know how the vote turned out.

In both votes the great British public had voted without thinking it through (for the most part). In the case of the boat the NERC decided to go against public opinion and the named the vessel "RSS David Attenborough" (although they did conceed to naming a little mini sub "Boaty McBoatface"). They went against popular opinion for the greater good.

Now I'm not wanting an argument, which is what I face whenever this subject comes up. The whole affair is scaring me to death, hard brexit - soft brexit, whatever it is described as it still doesn't inspire me with confidence. I'm not looking to get into a detailed discussion about it, I just hope that the withdrawal (if it does happen) is amicable and still allows our country with the ability to trade and flex.

Whatever happens I hope it's resolved soon, if it's the wrong move then we can go and get through it and start to recover if necessary. For my childrens' sake I hope it's not a massive mistake. 

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