Tuesday, 16 April 2019


I haven't been to the pictures in quite a while. It's an activity I used to enjoy, I even had a Cineworld 'Unlimited' card (which meant I could visit the cinema as many times as I wanted for a fixed fee). I'd love to go more but I don't seem to have the time (the main reason I stopped having the card). A couple of weeks ago I went back to one of my favourite pastimes. 

As always I went with Mr C, a man who practically lives in the cinema. As a surprise he'd upgraded our experience to '4D-X' - the screening with the moving seats, water spray and funny smells. Before I say anything else I want to take the cinemas to task over using the description "4D" to denote an extra sensory experience. The 4th dimention is time, all films exist in time hence all films are 4D. Films that are not in 4D are called photos. 

I've never done this '4D-X' malarkey so I was a little nervous. Anyone who knows my blog will know that I usuallly just review movies using 7 words, I will get to that at the end. The movie we were going to see was 'Captain Marvel'. So was the moving seats etc. distracting? Maybe a little but not so bad as to ruin the film. I wasn't put off nor was the enjoyment of the film tainted, although it was a little annoying at times. Would I do it again? Probably not. 

So what about the film? Here's my 7 word review;

Solid franchise entry, action all the way. 

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