Tuesday, 23 April 2019

1904.23 NEW FACES

Like Doctor Who we are different people throughout our lives and just like the timelord we wear different faces too. I like to reflect this in my cartoon alter ego.

I first drew myself back in 2006, it was a crude effort but reflected my look at the time. I didn't start using a cartoon in my blog posts until October 2007, I think I can say the drawing has come a long way since.

Every few years I've update the look slightly (and every time thought that it would be the last revision) to reflect my look at the time. This time I needed to illustrate my changes to my beard (the length and the grey that seems to be taking hold) and also that the shape of my glasses has been more of a rounded style for some time now.

Everyone else around me remains unchanged (within my cartoon world), I still draw my daughters as small children etc. So as I accept myself as an older, beardier man I've become - I'll leave whether he is an accurate reflection of my true self up to the world at large.
The first cartoon to appear in my blog

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