Sunday 28 April 2019


Every year since 1977 the grand specticle that is the World Snooker Championship rolls into my town. I love the snooker but not as much as Morticia does.

As a bit of a treat we thought we'd head into Sheffield City Centre and catch the World Snooker vibe. Starting outside the Crucible we popped into the Winter Gardens where they film the pundit sections.
Tudor Square looking towards the Winter Gardens
John Parrott and Steve Davis in the studio area inside the Winter Gardens

We dropped into Turtle Bay for a bit of food before making our way back towards the Crucible (via a couple of pubs).

Morticia enjoying Turtle Bay

Our day out finished up outside the Crucible Corner (a bar diagonally opposite the Crucible Theatre) where we got talking to a group of Welsh guys who were up for the snooker. They had tickets for the evening session but they wanted to have a few beers too (hence why they were outside the bar watching the big screen). They let us borrow their tickets to watch the last couple of frames of Mark Williams game. Couldn't believe it! 
Crucible Corner

Mark Williams takes a shot inside the Crucible

Me with Morticia in the Crucible Theatre

A massive thanks to the guys from Abergavenny who were kind enough to let us get to watch some live snooker (last time I went to a match I was 14, Morticia has never been).

On Wednesday we (us plus the girls) attended the live broadcast of "Snooker Heaven", an annual radio show on BBC Radio Sheffield. It was a "Question Time" style panel show featuring this year's final referee, Leo Scullion, journalist Hector Nunn and player Shaun Murphy. You can listen here

The panel for Snooker Heaven

My girls with Shaun Murphy

Snooker is a big deal in Sheffield, especially at this time of year. It doesn't matter if you like the sport, the vibe here is brilliant.

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