Saturday 8 June 2019

1906.06 FIRE!

There are some sounds that everyone loves…  Shoes on gravel, crackling of fire, sizzling sausages, cats purring. But you can't beat an open fire out in the garden. Usually my 'bright ideas' don't usually pan out exactly as I planned. Nobody was as surprised as me when this panned out.

I've wanted a fire pit in the garden for some time, years in fact. I've toyed with the idea of a chiminea but it doesn't fully tick the box. I've not been keen on the shop bought fire pits (they don't usually last). I've had some large bricks down the bottom of the garden for years (left over from a wall I built many years ago) which I thought were perfect. So I watched some YouTube videos and began the process of persuading my beloved Morticia into agreeing. 

It took a while but finally I got planning permission from the wife, here's the process...

Plan. The location was key to the success of the project. I laid out the bottom layer in various locations in the garden to get the right spot. 

I then dug out the area and laid the bottom bricks ensuring they were level leaving gaps to ensure airflow.

Once the bricks were in position I filled with a layer of larger stones (for drainage). The larger stones were a spare brick I smashed with my trusty lump hammer - very therapeutic!

I then laid the second layer of brick, securing them with a strong adhesive (the one with the primate on).

Then the pit was filled with smaller stones leaving a couple of inches at the top.

Then all that was left was to enjoy the fire pit.

All in all the process was a success, I'm very proud of my fire pit and look forward to it giving me years of service.

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