Wednesday 19 June 2019

1906.19 RECHARGE

Relaxing is just as important as exercise, the down time is as important and the up. But just how do you relax effectively? It's not just about putting your feet up it's just as important to relax the mind too.

I'm on the last day of 4 days off work, it's been a stressful time at work - pretty relentless if I'm honest. I have been looking forward to getting away from the daily onslaught. But relaxing isn't as easy as it sounds (at least I find it that way), I'll go back to work tomorrow and it'll be like I never was away. So how do I switch off?

The only way I find is by removing myself from my life (don't panic). I need to detach from my usual daily activities, but that isn't as easy as it sounds. It's probably why the only real place I can relax is when I'm away from home. Holidays totally work for me, they refresh and reinvigorate me - but how can I replicate this at home? It's impossible, whilst I can reach some level it's not total.

I don't help myself much though, I've pretty much given up recreational cycling and I practically never go out anymore. I'm pretty stuck in my own head, the only outlet I have is my drawing cartoons. It's the only way I can empty my cluttered mind.

Still, a trip to Wales in on the horizon - it's just a short break but I am so looking forward to it. Until then I'll just draw - then bed then work.

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