Tuesday 14 January 2020


So the Yuletide season came and went, it's like it never happened except for the fact we are hundreds of pounds skinter and a few lbs heavier.

I took a bit of time out for the first week, I hadn't taken any leave over the seasonal period so of course I had been working harder to cover those that had. It gave me time to get the seasonal decorations packed away, it's a big job since everything in the living room has to be switched back.

First job on getting back to work was to get my bike out of storage. The bike was safely tucked away in a metal container at my workplace. Unfortunately it had a flat that needed to get sorted. I also need to get the rear brake pads changed but that'll have to hang on till my next days off.

My second day back was a training day. The site is in the opposite direction to my usual place of work, a slightly better commute but still heavy traffic to deal with. The training itself was the usual dry delivery. The trainer was a weird bloke, he had the hairiest nostrils I've seen for anyone under 60 and unconvincingly kept giving us anecdotes about his "military" career.

I also got in bother for being late for work. I took it on the chin knowing that I was singled out because when I'm late I arrive in cycle gear, everyone else is able to slope in unnoticed. I'm used to this to be honest - people never take me cycling to work seriously and... well, I'll save this rant for a whole other blog post.

I've got a few projects ahead, I've set myself a goal of doing loads more cartoon strips. I'm also wanting to do more pyrography, I've started a bit last month and really enjoyed it.

It's a good time for telly at this time of year; I love 'Death in Paradise', 'Doctor Who' is back and there's some other gems out there. A little known Welsh sitcom arrived on the iPlayer (it was only shown on BBC1 Wales) called 'The Tuckers' which I've warmed to - I'd love it to get a second series. Still haven't got around to watching 'The Witcher' or the 2nd series of 'Lost in Space' yet, my anticipation is all set to 'Star Trek Picard' which is out at the end of the month.

So 2020 stumbles out of the gate, it feels like it has yet to get going. Hopefully soon?

Got done for being late for work.

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