Wednesday 1 January 2020


As another decade closes I can't help look at the time that has passed. So whilst looking back on the last year I also find myself going back over the last 10 years, and some of it was very painful.

2019 will probably be remembered personally as a good year that set up it's replacement to be pretty shit. Brexit has yet to be finalised and we have an awful Prime Minister and government following a general election just weeks ago. At work we were 'reviewed' and rewarded for our good work (and it was stated that we did good work) with a pay cut that we will receive this year.

The 'teenies' have been the decade of austerity and of poverty. The Trump years started in this decade. Brexit wasn't even a concern when we entered the decade but at this end it seems to be the number 1 issue - an issue completely engineered to further a number of political and financial careers. Universal Credit and food banks are a stain on our society and the treatment of people with disabilities is nothing short of despicable. The poor and hard working have been burdened with cuts to essential services which have suffered under the current and continuing government.

I entered this decade a different man to the one who leaves. If I'm honest I don't even really recognise this chap.
There has been pain and heartache, joy and reconciliation. We lost my beloved Grandad early in the decade, a fact that I still feel deeply to this day. Family problems led to my breakdown in 2012. But when I hit the ground there was only one way to go and that was up - it was this event that meant I could redefine my life, not externally but internally, the way I think is different - I think and believe in a very different way since this event. In some ways I believe I have found myself. A family breakup with my eldest daughter made us stronger in the long run and the subsequent reconciliation years later made  our relationship so much more. 

My daughters entered the decade as children and leave as adults. I am on the brink of a new stage in my life. As my forties come towards the end I look forward to a different family relationship and more time with my Morticia.

I leave the decade in the same job I started with, I job I love and am wholly committed to. I believe I make a real difference to peoples' lives and can't imagine doing anything else. However the job has changed, the government cuts have meant that work is harder and pay is less (and even less with the upcoming pay cut). I love my job but I feel that my job doesn't love me back much these days.

Of course there is 'the beard' of which there is significantly more of than there was 10 years ago. 

As on previous years last year I set myself a few achievable 'resolutions'.  Sadly I only achieved 1 out of 3. I only visited Wales once which is sad, especially since it was just a short break and not a full holiday. With less income this year it might be difficult to get more than one trip this year. Cycling hasn't been great, I only managed one decent ride this year but at least the commuting kept the miles up.

As before this year I'll set something similar...
  1. Produce a comic strip a week, develop the strip and improve my skills.
  2. Cycle more,  get out more. I know I want to but I need to work on my motivation. 
  3. Make my trip to Wales count and do more exploring.

So as the new year and decade begin I'd like to wish everyone a very HAPPY NEW YEAR.

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