Sunday 26 January 2020


So as January draws to a close many will be patting themselves on the back after partaking in some sort of abstinence task.

Whether you've given up alcohol, smoking, meat or even sex there is one thing that nobody ever seems to be discouraged from.

Most authorities will state we are all in a 'climate emergency' yet no one dares to demonise the motor car. I'm not saying we should get rid altogether but if we carry on then something more drastic might have to happen. Our roads are clogged with traffic, the streets are overloaded with parking and we are all choking on the fumes. Yet driving is far from socially unacceptable, in fact the opposite is true. If you cycle (as I do) or use public transport then you are seen as odd (I know this).

So why can't they promote a month when people can try other modes of transport? I know some can't, most can though. Public perception can be changed, it must be changed.

I've sold the benefits of cycling in the past, you get to use the time you travel as exercise time. You feel energised when you arrive, and you get healthier. Public transport gives you time to read, listen to music (not too loud though eh!) or even get a head start on those emails (!). Plus it gets you out of that isolating metal box and mixing with the world at large and that has to be good for your mental health.

We all need to change aspects of our lives now but no one dares criticise the beloved car. No one will make it socially unacceptable to drive unnecessarily. Take the piss if you want but I'm comfortable I'm right about this. Try to change if you dare.

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