Sunday 12 April 2020


Easter or Ostara is a time of rebirth, a time to celebrate the end of winter and that our passage through the darkness and the cold is over for another year. But this year is different. We are locked down at home, family and friends are apart and that hurts. 

But as someone (who can be really annoying) once said, "it is what it is". 

Morticia and Rags took little chocolate gifts to some of the kids in our street yesterday (observing social distancing of course). This situation has brought out some fantastic acts of kindness and has (perhaps temporarily) restored community spirit. People has spoken to their neighbours, perhaps for the first time. Some are taking up new forms of exercise like running or cycling, families are walking together and the peace is just wonderful. Now I know that there are a lot of people out there who are struggling with this situation, I'm not making light of what they are going through, I'm just tryng to pick out some of the positives. 

One of the things that the current situation the world finds itself in gives us lots of it's time to think. As a society we've seen who is doing the valuable work and who isn't. As I see it the financial sector are the lowest when it comes to pure human value, it lacks compassion and even now in the midst of this crisis there are businesses that are not passing on the 'help' government has put in place. Banks keep most of society in chains - holding the poorest and vulnerable in debt, a debt most have probably repaid multiple times over with exorbitant interest rates. So one thing that I'd love to see come out of this crisis is to give more back to the people that actually deserve it. Carers on minimum wage, cleaners, support staff and the like who have been held down for so long but in time of crisis have stepped up like soldiers fighting in a war to keep us safe. These are the valuable ones in our society and it's not fair asking them to take all the risks whilst the rich, the bankers and leaders sit on their vast fortunes.

So I hope you can celebrate in some form, enjoy your Easter however you celebrate. 

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