Sunday 26 April 2020


The day I've strived for and saved for for many many years is finally in front of me. I've ordered my shed. Some may scoff and roll their eyes - a shed? After all a shed is just a garden building for storage isn't it. Well I hope not. For years I've wanted a space I can look after my bikes, do little DIY jobs and maybe even escape too when life gets a bit too much.

I placed an order for a 6'x7' metal shed and also an eco base system. I chose a metal shed because I already have a small metal shed down at the bottom of the garden and if you take care of damp proofing they are great - they also last a really long time compared with wooden buildings (and the maintenance is so much less).
The old wooden shed being replaced is too small and has begun to warp and disintegrate, I've been trying to keep it repaired and is usable condition for some years but I'm pretty sure it's at the end of it's useful life. Many years ago I painted the shed blue and made it crudely resemble the TARDIS, the kids loved it. The girls are all grown up now but when they heard of my plan to replace the old shed they were concerned about losing their TARDIS so I've decided to try and get some blue spray paint and I'll attempt to make the sliding doors on the new shed resemble their favourite Time Lord's home (I'll try and do a much better job this time though). 
The old shed
Because of the Coronavirus lockdown the delivery lead times are all over the place so I have no idea when it will arrive, I was hoping it would be here for my birthday since I have a week off work and no other plans but this isn't looking likely.

Speaking of the lockdown, the situation continues but I worry that so many aren't taking it seriously. I have concerns at work that I've mentioned in passing but I feel I might have to put it in writing. I don't want to do that, no one wants to rock the boat but this is life and death stuff and I can't sit back and leave it.

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