Monday 6 April 2020

2004.06 KEY WORK

So I've been back at work now for a week (6 days actually) and things are slowly returning to normal. Except its not. The new normal is different - the world has changed overnight and everything has become almost like a bad apocalypse movie. 

My period of self certification of sickness ended on the 25th. I was receiving pressure to return to work but I didn't believe I was well enough. I took a stand and informed my boss I wasn't coming back until I felt up to it. I also rang my doctors' surgery to see if there was anyway I could get a sick note. I finally got a callback this morning although they did send a sick note through the post covering me. 

So I returned to work on Monday last (my sick note covered me until the following Wednesday but didn't arrive until that Wednesday), it wasn't a case of being in full health but a steady comeback to health, even now I feel the aftereffects of the virus but I'm getting better. I've even managed to commute by bike (as I usually would) a couple of times. 

I don't/can't talk about work but part of my current role is making sure people are adhering to the current lockdown. I could probably say (and I can only speak for what I've witnessed) that for the most part people are following the directives laid down by the government. I have noticed an increasing number of small dogs being walked, I did ponder whether they were being issued to people to justify being out. 

Twice now this country has participated in a "Clap for Carers" where at 8pm everyone stands outside the door and claps to show appreciation for those on the front line of the battle against the Coronavirus pandemic. The first one I participated in but the scond I was workng and unfortunately in the middle of a task that I couldn't get out of. I honour those that are on the frontline and wish them well. 

There has been a number of high profile people contract the Covid 19 infection including Prince Charles (who is recovering) and the Prime Minister (who is reported to be quite ill). Whilst there is glimmers of hope from other countries the infection and death rate continues to climb in this country. There are still a minority of people that believe the rules don't apply to them and continue to flout the rules set down to protect us all. It's them that are going to be the ones that keep the lockdown in effect, we all need to keep to the rules and stay at home. 

Obvioulsy I am classed as a key worker so have to go out to work but when I'm home I'm home. I've spent quite a bit of my spare time tackling some DIY. I've put up a shelf, I'm currently putting together a new coat hook and I also built a unit for the dining room which has an unfortunate name. 

I hope that we can all return to our normal lives soon, this time will be spoken of for the rest of our lives (and beyond) so please, for everyone's sake be on the right side of history. Be a hero and stay home. 

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