Saturday, 6 June 2020


We've been enjoying some glorious weather recently. Sunny and dry every day (in fact it is too dry and gardeners all wishing for a downpour). I sought to take advantage of this gloriousness and build my new shed.
To this end I booked a bit of leave from work on the last bank holiday weekend and tackle this project. I ordered the internal flooring and damp proofing for click and collect. 

The day before I caught the weather forecast, scattered showers and gales. I couldn't believe it. One of the rules to assembling a shed is don't do it on a windy day. I spent day one taking down and demolishing the old one and then preparing the base (which was a big task in itself).

Day two I made the roof but the gale force winds meant I couldn't do any more.

I had my fingers crossed that day three I'd have more favourable weather, my leave period was quickly vanishing. Lucky for me it was much milder and I got my structure completed.

The final day was laying the internal flooring and moving the contents in. Project completed in the time I had and I have to say I'm super happy at my efforts. It wouldn't have been possible without the assistance from my youngest daughter.

So my new building has been up for 2 weeks now and hasn't fallen down yet. I now have storage for my stuff and a place to sit and contemplate. It's a space for me to do DIY stuff, bike maintenance, drink beer and just whatever. It's next to my firepit and stone bench and is a perfect addition to the outdoor space.

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