Saturday 6 June 2020


I've deliberated about this post for some time but I can't ignore what happened. I can't be silent since that would make me complicit.

The murder of George Floyd in America at the hands of police officers has shocked and appalled me to the core. It has brought to light the terrible injustices people of colour have to endure every day. This is of course not new but it's reached a crisis point and cannot be allowed to continue.
It's not enough to say that you are "not racist", we have to challenge racism and not just tut in our heads and ignore it. I'm guilty. I've allowed friends and family say things that have been outwardly and obviously racist for the sake of 'keeping the peace'. It's not keeping the peace though, it's quite the opposite. 
I am white and privileged, that not to say I haven't had tough times. I'm not in any way well off and I haven't had the opportunities that others are afforded but I haven't had that horrid layer of hate to deal with too and I cannot imagine what that's like. I've never been judged unfairly because of the way I look so I'll never truly understand.

Keeping BAME in poverty, not giving people of colour the opportunities fuels this whole situation. Young black males are more likely to be dragged into gang culture, we need to ask why. We as a society need to be fairer, more inclusive and, let's face it, just nicer.

Black lives matter isn't saying that all other lives don't, the opposite in fact. But when a section of society is being marginalised just based on the colour of their skin then we must remind all that their lives matter just as much as any other.
I will challenge hate in all forms and refuse to stand by and let it just happen. I can't just sit and disapprove anymore. This can't be allowed to continue.

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