Friday 19 June 2020


So the lockdown is starting to be relaxed, people are returning to work and pretty soon shops will be reopening. We have been promised a "new normal" but what does this look like?

This week 'none essential' shops reopened, pubs and restaurants will follow shortly after that. They say social distancing will be a big part of this but it's going to be a strange experience, one I think (in the initial period anyway) I will give a wide berth to.

So they say that things will start now to return to normal, but what is normal after this? I enjoyed the peace and tranquility of the initial lockdown with practically no traffic and nature returning to the streets vacated by the humans.

Goats invade Llandudno
©Andrew Stuart

We had/have a chance to preserve some of that for the good of the planet and the wellbeing of all of us. It was a time we could have thought about what to do with sustainable travel, increasing our activity and of course taking time out to just be with your family.

Maybe we could reinstate Sunday into a day of rest. This isn't for any religious reason, just that its embedded in our culture. Shops and businesses could be closed and we could all spend quality time with family and friends (I know emergency and key workers would unfortunately not be able to). This is just a pipe dream, the big businesses that call the shots behind our government would never allow a reduction to trading hours. But we need to step back on occasion, I've seen families being families, I've seen real quality time being had, I've see people taking more exercise outside - there were some real positives that I fear we will lose again.

Up to now relaxing the lockdown has been all about business. Sure they threw society a bone by allowing single people to join a second household and allow garden get togethers. But there is no schedule or talk about when we can be with our loved ones proper, when am I supposed to be able to hug my daughter who lives in her own place?

For a moment we all saw what life should be but that doesn't get the rich their reward so it was quickly removed.

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