Monday, 15 February 2021


This is probably the hardest blog post I've ever had to write. It's been almost a week since our beloved cat, Angel passed away.

On the 8th February she took her last breath in our arms and left us. She was such an important part of our lives, the energy in the house has changed and will take some getting used to. The companionship, the hanging around the oven on a Sunday waiting for her share of the roast chicken, the way she made us all laugh. There is so much we will miss, I can't express how much in a humble blog post.

We decided we wanted her to stay with us so we took her to a wonderful pet crematorium and they looked after us and Angel. She now is with us forever. Goodbye little girl. Always in our hearts.

Some won't understand, that's fine, but if you have ever had a pet you might just get it.

My best friend hit 50 on the same day, I wanted so much to make a big deal out of it. I'll make it up to him once lockdown is over.

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