Sunday, 7 March 2021


This should have been the blog post I wrote the other week before Angel passed. For some time now, years in fact, our boiler has struggled to perform adequately.

If I'm honest the bloody thing has been knackered for years. Everytime we had an engineer out to it they'd suck air in in through closed lips the was a car mechanic does when they are working out what you owe them.

So last month I admitted defeat. I made arrangements for a new boiler to be fitted, not just a new boiler but a smart thermostat too. If I'm spending a lot of money I might as well stretch to the best control system.

It was a cold day not to have heating, especially with engineers walking in and out all day. The end result (after a couple of minor snags) was a top notch heating system.

What I didn't know was that it was Angel's last day.

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