Friday 21 May 2021

2105.21 DOG

Ever since Angel passed there has been an emptiness in my life. Our home feels empty without her.

Some time ago it was mentioned that someone was looking at rehoming a dog. Initially I was reluctant, very reluctant. Over the following weeks I went over the pros and cons and I realised this is probably exactly what I needed , I know the rest of my family would welcome him (since Morticia was the architect of this whole situation).

In the end I agreed, I grew up with dogs and I'm at a time in my life where I have time to give the attention a dog needs.

They asked to meet up which we did and this was the first time I met him. Then they said they wanted us to take the dog for a trial week.

This is how Marlow came to stay with us. He's a Yorkshire Terrier who settled in surprising quickly and I enjoyed walking him. All was going well.
He was a good fit with our family and a welcome addition but sadly it wasn't to be. His original owner started to message Morticia to say she was missing him then on Sunday, 6 days after he arrived, she asked for him back.

She said we'd made her realise how much she loved the little guy and that she would try harder to make time to walk and play with him. 

I'd really gotten attached to him and although it was always a possibility I thought they were serious about rehoming Marlow. I feel used, as if we were part of an experiment. I've been told I'm wrong for feeling this way but I can't help it, I'll get over it but not straight away. 

I'm going to miss him and I feel sad that his life probably isn't going to be as good as I believe it would have been with us.

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