Sunday, 13 June 2021


Things are hard for us all, I get that. Just recently though I've been feeling pretty low.

There's lots of reasons, work is awful at the moment (there's been none of that working from home for me), my bike sufferred a catastrophic failure which has cost me a lot of cash and of course there was the incident with the dog (which I wrote about on my last blog post).

Mental health is no joke, loads of people have been struggling recently. My process is to draw it's how I sort out my head. I wish I'd had this back in 2012 when I struggled big time. It's a massive deal and I know there are so many others battling demons out there and I'm always trying to help anyone I come across.

I'm trying to put everything into context right now and keep everything together. The bike has been paid for (I borrowed from my birthday money) and we are looking at the possibility of getting a dog at some point in the future. Work is still shit but that's something I can't fix.

I (of course) did a cartoon to reflect my current state, want to see it? Let's face it, you don't have a choice.

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