Saturday, 24 July 2021



On Monday in England our illustrious windbag declared that all covid restrictions were to end. A good idea? Opinions vary.

I'm a bit in the middle with all this. I'm desparate to get back to "normal" but I'm not keen on risking lives to get it. Some of the restrictions would have made sense to keep maybe permanently. Social distancing for example is great, why can't we design in space to retail and commercial premises?

The mask seem to be the symbol of the pandemic. Will I be continuing to wear a mask? I'll be risk assessing every situation and using mine in busy spaces but I'll probably leave it'll it's quiet and spaced out.

Cases are continuing to surge and this will probably mean U turn at some point. These are strange times we are living in.

On a completely different note I'd like to make an annoucement...

I would like to welcome this little chap to our family.

This is Magnus. He's 10 weeks old and he's joined our family this week.

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