Saturday 30 September 2023


I've done so many blog posts about my holidays and it could be said it's the same every year. I don't really care that we visit the same place every year. People might roll their eyes when we say we are going there but when you find a place which just resonates with you and makes you happy then why wouldn't we? This year, however, there is one significant difference... the dog, Magnus, came with us.

We set off extra early. We rolled at 5 a.m. to miss the traffic through Manchester. The usual stop-off at Chester came on before we knew it although we spent a little longer there so the dog could stretch his legs. The next stop would be in Wales. After a quick stop at Tesco in Ruthin, we rocked up at Llyn Tegid (Bala Lake) for a breakfast picnic and a walk next to the waters.

Llyn Tegid, which for many years the name was Anglicised as Bala Lake, is the legendary home of the Goddess Ceridwen who lived on an island in the lake with her husband, the giant named Tegid Foel, from whom the lake takes its name.

Driving through Wales, I got to experience the new 20mph speed limit in built-up areas. It's quite controversial, but if I'm honest, it had very little effect on our journey. I'm having trouble seeing what all the fuss is about, but I don't have to live with it (but I'd welcome the opportunity).

We arrived around dinner time (that's midday to us northerners), the weather was beautiful and the place was perfect as always. As soon as my eyes saw that place, all my stresses and issues melted away. The energy of this place is remarkable. We had a stroll around the town before grabbing a cuppa and a portion of chips at the newly renovated Mariner cafe.

In the afternoon we want up to when we were staying to book in. The caravan was amazing. It's on the usual site but on the new waterside development - high spec and doggy friendly, everything we could need.

The weather was good, apart from Storm Agnes which ended up passing by overnight on Wednesday and not affecting us too much. Compared to last year, the weather was so much better although the break was too short and over before we knew it.

Visits to Aberaeron and Afon Mel Honey Farm were obligatory, of course. We have good friends here and we love hooking up with them. It's always a joy. 

Magnus loved his first holiday. It was the first time we'd ever taken a pet away with us and it was a great success. There are so many dog-friendly establishments around these days, so many dogs with owners in the area than there ever used to be. I hope we can bring him with us again soon.

And so it was time to head home and the whole trip went back to being a dream. We have a trip planned soon and we hope to get across again for Morticia's special birthday next year.

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