Monday 9 February 2009


Unless you've been on the other side of the world you can't have missed the worst snow falls in 20 years (I can vouch for that as I was around 20 years ago).

Heavy snow on Monday and again on Wednesday (around these parts) practically brought the country to a standstill. "Why did this happen?" a lot of people ask, the news has been filled with Scandinavians telling us how well they cope with the snow. Well to put it simply, we don't get much in the way of snow anymore. We don't have the infrastructure because we don't normally need it.

I think the lemming approach by the great unwashed did more damage to the transport system than the weather did. If it wasn't for drivers rushing out to get home, driving in conditions that they have little or no experience of driving in then perhaps things would have kept moving a little better. How many of the drivers that got stuck actually had a themos, a blanket or even a shovel? Very few I'd guess.

Anyway, the thaw has started (although rumours of more snow persist) and soon life will be back to normal. I've enjoyed the snow and I'd welcome more.

All the way through the bad weather I've kept on cycling, however, whilst pushing the bike over my icy driveway I slipped and fell, dropping the bike. This I believe did some unforseen damage because whilst riding home from working the derby match on Saturday the rear derailleur snapped off.

So now I'm without my bike. I'm miserable as hell (and will be until it's repaired). This has come on top of the TV blowing up and losing my favourite hat.


James (UK) said...

It's not like I drive like a maniac, but the problems are compounded by the morons who drive at 2mph with all their fog lights on too... they create huge snake-like tailbacks with their antics.

Chapman said...

Just did a quick search and found this for £6.80

I was only really looking as I didn't know that it was that bit you were referring to. I'd recommend AE Butterworth's on Abbeydale Road though, the guy that works there is extremely friendly and seems cheaper than most other places.

The Captain said...

I've gone for
She's booked into James Cycles a week on Friday to have it fitted, always gotten good service.