Saturday 28 February 2009

0902.28 PIG

Morticia asked me this week if she could have a pet pig. I know she loves the animals and goes a little daft when she sees them in petting zoos or farms but I really wasn't expecting this. The reason behind it is that a friend of hers (who has a small-holding / good life style back garden) has a pig that has just given birth to a number of little porkers.

I guess most people would instantly dismiss the idea if their partner asked such a question, not me, I did the research for her and unfortunately there are a number of issues that would prevent us having such a pet. The main one is space, the garden is to small and would have to be turned over completely to the animal. The other main one would be the expense of securing the fencing to prevent the animal escaping.

All in all, a nice little dream but not going to be possible. Plus how could I be expected to enjoy a bacon and sausage sandwich with a pet pig looking at me?
Harley has been suffering with severe stomach aches all week which culminated in us taking her to the hospital yesterday. It was great to be kept for 5 hours just to be told that it wasn't appendicitis and to come back if it got worse. I guess the doctors were keen to get to the golf course (it was Friday afternoon).

She seems a little better today but we are keeping a close eye on her.
Still no sign of my bike. My last conversation with the bike shop was a couple of days ago when they were still waiting for the mech hanger. I now wish I'd purchased the parts and fitted them myself.

- Lesson learned!


James (UK) said...

Does she eat bacon etc. herself? She might change her mind if you can... er... "demonstrate" just where that meat actually comes from!

They were all the rage a while back, weren't they? Those Vietnamese "Pot-Bellied" ones...

See if there are any "virtual pet" type websites that she can try which let her "keep" a pig, perhaps?

My Brother's 2 year-old son just had a terrible time with what turned out to be a Cryptosporidium infection. The poor kid's stomach swelled up and he was very poorly for days, so do keep an eye on her.

Can you cancel the bike-bit? Sometimes just the act of ringing to cancel it "suddenly" makes them find it for you...

TimanfayAir said...

At least the pig would be cleaner!!!! LOL

The Captain said...

Morticia, whilst not quite a vegetarian don't eat much in the way of meat (just chicken). She's accepted the fact that it won't happen now.