Sunday, 15 February 2009


Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. We made a deal this year to only buy cards for each other and to have a night in with a chinese and a DVD. It was the perfect evening, add a couple of bottles of Cava and the evening was complete.
Last week was my first week in exile while my bike is off the road. It's booked in for repair but the first available date isn't until 0902.20 (next Friday) so my exile onto the peasant wagon (the bus) continues for another week.

I'm trying to use this experience as leverage and an argument for owning a second bike. I'm fancying a road bike to do some leisure riding and distance work on. Morticia isn't convinced, I guess I'll have to work harder.


James (UK) said...

How about picking up a second-hand one, if the outlay is the issue?

What did you have Chinese-wise, out of interest? I seem to be stuck forever having Singapore Noodles Vermicelli-style and Special Fried Rice all the time myself.

PC Plastic Fuzz said...

I have one of each. One Road and one Off-Road bike. You must be allowed to buy yourself one toy a year at least??

The Captain said...

Thinking about the 2nd hand option since cash is an issue. Maybe in a couple of months. Give me time to check out the market.

For the Chinese I had my usual; Deep fried shredded beef (in a chilli sauce), noodles and a couple of chips. Mmmmmmmmmmm!

James (UK) said...

Ah, one of my "other" favourites too; the crispy chilli beef.

I personally like it when it's "crispy", and have had to do without it for a while now, as both the nearest takeaways do it in a style where it's more "chewy", and not that nice. :-(