Sunday, 22 February 2009


I was looking forward to picking up my bike yesterday after it's repair but unfortunately I received a phone call late on Friday afternoon from the workshop at the cycle store to tell me that a part was needed to attach the rear mech to the bike and was out of stock. This means that I'll probably be off the road for another week.

Personally I think this strengthens the argument for me having a 2nd bike. After approaching the supply chain at work regarding the possibility of another Cycle2Work scheme (by far the easiest way of financing another bike), I was told that it was "unlikely" that they would run another scheme. It seems that they have ticked that box.

It looks like the possibility of me getting another bike is slim. A 2nd hand one may be a possibility if the right bike at the right price came along but chances I think are low.

I'm working later today, I've always hated working on a Sunday. Might get a few miles on my work bike.


James (UK) said...

Can you "post" a note anywhere at work, on a board / email / leave a note in the "staffroom" at all?

I bet there are lots of people with unused bikes in their sheds... especially now it's February, and the "bought for Christmas and the New Year's resolution to get fit"-aspect has long passed for most!

The Captain said...

We have sales & wants on the intranet. I'm keeping a close eye on it.

Dan Dan The Bus Driver Man said...

Wow Love your post I do a bus blog in the US. here in Oregon we had our snow around new year. I saw the news about what happened to you, That last time you got snow like that I was there. 20 years ago while going to school. Lucky I missed this fall