Sunday, 3 January 2010

1001.03 ALLONS-Y

Bye Bye DoctorI just couldn't let the excellent performance of David Tennant as Doctor Who pass without saying just how much myself and all the family have enjoyed watching.

I remember when the series returned and how exciting it all was, how my youngest daughter embraced the show and how all the family sat down on a Saturday to watch. I was initially disappointed to see Christopher Eccleston leave but I have to say that the show wouldn't have continued without the power and enthusiasm of Mr Tennant.

We all watched the rollercoaster that was the 10th Doctor's final moments and then, with tears in our eyes, he regenerated...

I have high hopes for the new series, I don't listen to the negativity because that's what has always happened (at least it has in my lifetime) when a Doctor has regenerated.


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