Sunday, 31 January 2010

1001.31 PLOT? WHAT PLOT?

Ok, anyone reading the last entry might be forgiven in thinking what the picture has to do with the text. This, my friends illustrates my point exactly. I was supposed to go on about how I'd indulged over the Christmas period and now because of all the stress I am under I am comfort eating, topping that the bad weather (and time off work to look after Morticia) mean less cycling, I am worried about gaining weight. I'm not fat, never have been (although I started to get chunky on the latter years of my bus driving) but it does seem to run in my family.

I also wanted to mention that my downfall as most people know are crisps, especially chilli flavoured Doritos. I can't help myself, they are just so handy and flavourful.

I have to some extent managed to replace the snack with another less fattening one; Rivita crispbreads and Marmite. Mmmmmmm! The cycling seems to have started to get back into full swing again so maybe I shouldn't worry. *Sigh!* Don't think I will though.

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