Sunday, 31 January 2010


No CrispsI've found it difficult to write this post, not because of the subject matter, that's the usual drivel I deliver. No, it's been difficult because I've found it hard to put aside any time recently, even minutes have been difficult to spare of late. Morticia has been ill, kids have been kids and work has been riddlied with politics. It seems that everyone wants a piece of me despite the actions I've tried to implement over the last few months.

I need time for me, alone. I'm never completely alone and I've always got a task at hand. Cycling has always been an escape but I need more, I did want to push it to the next level but with no way of funding a new ride (work's Cycle to Work scheme seems to be tied up in upper management wrangling) I can't see me pushing past extended commutes. I also got my Unlimited cinema card so I could escape. It's just not happening, I can never seem to get free from the demands on my time.

I realise that this is a rant but I need to get this off my chest otherwise I'll never get the perspective to bring this blog back on track. It is true what they say...

Life gets in the way of living.

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