Monday, 8 March 2010

1003.08 WOMEN'S DAY

International Women's Day?There's a lot of discussion both online and on TV about the fact that today is International Women's Day. Now I'm all for celebrating women, I think women are great (I even married one), I live in a predominantly female household (even the cat is a girl). What's got my goat is the fact that there is no balance. There is an International Men's Day in November but the UK and many other countries don't recognise it.


This, if you ask me is pure sexism, discrimination in it's purest form. Let's aim for a balanced and equal society and recognise men and the contribution they serve to society.

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Baseball said...

International Men's Day:

All we need to do to make this day big and successful is to *Do* something on that day- November 19.

Good work raising this topic, Captain.