Tuesday, 23 March 2010


Physical Education
Today saw me participating in my youngest's PE class for a second time. Together with other parents and our children we got involved in some light exercise and dance games.When I was first asked to do this my first thought was to run for the hills, 'dancing' was mentioned and as anyone who knows me knows, I don't do dance (unless you add alcohol). But Morticia is in no fit state to do it, it was up to me not to disappoint my little girl.

I was worried that the turnout would be low or that all the other parents would be mothers. Fortunately I was wrong and it was a good turn out with a nice mix of mothers and fathers.

The exercise bit was light but fun and the dance bit just involved jumping about to music. A good time was had and I think I earned loads of father-daughter points with my youngest.

The only thing I drew the line at was skipping, not with a rope, the one when you chuck your arms and legs out in a rhythmic way. Real men don't skip right?

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