Wednesday, 24 March 2010


I think I'm falling in love with cycling all over again. After a rocky winter and some personal lows I can feel the miles calling to me. I do really need a new leisure bike though. I need something that will take me out onto those open roads. The bike I have at the moment is an excellent commuter machine. It's a mountain bike that will never live up to it's mountain pedigree since I have fitted it with slicks, I only take it out on the roads or light trails. I have recently acquired a rack bag and intend to fit a rack with a view to moving the load I carry in my rucksack onto the bike itself.

The last few days I have been working on increasing my times on the commute and as the weather and lighting improves I will be looking to varying and extending my routes.

There is some hope that the Cycle to Work scheme will be resurected at work, if this does happen (soon please) then depending on who they team up with depends on which steed I will purchase. In the past it has been Halfords which initially fill you with hope but since they stock the Boardman range then at least I'll be able to get something decent (that is within my restricted budget).

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