Thursday, 18 March 2010


How boring has today been? 

08:30 - I'm on a course today, I've just arrived and there seems to be loads attending. I'm currently stood in a small room full of about 30 people. Think I'll hide at the back.

Luckily for us the group was split into 2 groups and we were in a more manageable size of about 12. It was a course provided by do-gooders who wished to tell us about a new service that our organisation is about to provide. I was bored shitless, I'd rather have been out doing my job instead of listening to that waffle.

Not even the provided lunch managed to save the day. It was a buffet and practically everything came with cheese. I HATE CHEESE!

Finally the day wound to a close with some role plays which we had a bit of fun with. A nice cheeky getaway to boot!

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