Saturday 9 April 2016


It started last weekend with a light tickle at the back of my throat. I initially dismissed it, thought I could just push through. I haven't been 'sick' since I was hospitalised in a cycling accident in late 2014 and appart from a bit of a sniffle I've been feeling in the best of health.

I cycled to work for a late shift on Monday and Tuesday. Tuesday was hard work, I was really starting to flag. 

Wednesday I cycled to work and felt like death when I got there. No one fancied working with me since I was deemed to be 'infectious'. I was advised to go home. There was no way I was going to use the bike since it nearly killed me on the way in. I went for the bus.

Why did I even go in to work when I was feeling so bad? Because of the cycling accident (mentioned earlier) my sickness record isn't the best. It's on a 3 year cycle so I'd hoped that if I could manage till the end of the year I'd be in the clear. It's the pressure most people feel when they need to take a few days to get better. I ended up taking 2 days off and with a 3 day weekend ahead I hope that'll be ample time to get over it.

Getting better isn't as straightforward as going to bed for a few days. As a parent and a carer I still have stuff to do, meals to prepare and tidying to do (despite what Morticia says!). I have been managing quite a few naps in between.

Supplemental 1604.10;
Yesterday was a strange day. In the morning I felt really ill, worse than I had all week. In the afternoon Morticia wanted to go out for a bite to eat since she'd been stuck in the house all week. Even though I wasn't in great shape we went out to the nearest Wetherspoon pub (the one in Meadowhall). The food came within minutes of ordering but was far from ideal. Most of it was cold and the chicken I ordered was dryer than cardboard. Considering I wasn't feeling my best this wasn't what I needed. I left most of it (Morticia did the same). When they collected the plates we told them about our dissatisfaction, they offered us a free drink which we declined. We moved on to The Riverside (on our way home), it was here I threw up (in the big white telephone). About 20 minutes later I felt the illness flow away as if a valve had been released. Whilst I'm not back at 100% I feel I'm at 85% and climbing. This morning I'm feeling positive. I'm confident 'normal service' will be resumed shortly. 


chocolat lover said...

perhaps your dodgy meal helped...

Im glad that you are on the mend :)

The Captain said...

Thank you. Maybe you're right and the meal was the 'valve opener'. I'm feeling so much better, I'm off work till Tuesday so I've still got some time to get back upto full strength.

Eileen H said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better.

I think maybe I need to be sick, sounds like we've had the same bug, uncanny it is!