Tuesday 25 October 2016


Or penwythnos Cymreig.

Ok most people probably guessed my trip this weekend was to WALES. I like to think I'm consistent. Some people may say boring, predictable, I say consistent.

We have friends in Wales who we visited during our last holiday, whilst there they invited us to come stay with them for a few days at half term. I didn't broadcast the plan as I was a little concerned that it might have been one of those 'of the moment' remarks some people make that after a little thought they wish they'd not said. We made sure a few weeks ago that it was still OK for us to visit. They responded enthusiastically so we made the plans.

Friday 10:52 - And so here we are cruising through Snowdonia heading west to the coast. It was an early start (6:25) with heavy traffic through Manchester, Morticia was a little grumpy setting off but was so much better after a sleep.

The views are a beautiful as ever and whilst it's a bit chilly out there, the weather is perfect.
The road through Snowdonia 
Friday 12:43 - We've arrived at New Quay (Cei Newydd), it's all quite surreal really after all it was only a few months ago since we were here last. This time is different of course, we are hear to see friends as well as visit this place.

New Quay is my spiritual home.

Friday 16:02 - Shortly after arriving we made our way to our host's house where we spent the afternoon chatting in their conservatory. Mike, Chris and Sam (together with Sam's daughter Alice) are really the nicest people I've ever met. We have known them for many years but for them to invite us to their home is truly a most kind and generous act. We are staying in a caravan situated on the garden, it's a beautiful van.

Friday 21:35 - We just visited the club on the caravan site next door together with our hosts.
The barman was on the thin side
It's a lovely club, Rags played with and occupied Alice (she's only 4 years old), they tired each other out I think. We're back at the caravan now, it's probably not long until we go to bed. It's been a long and enjoyable day.

Nos da.

Saturday 9:30 - Wow it's cold. It certainly brings back memories of cold mornings of my youth (there was no central heating when I was a kid). Time to turn on the fire and grab a hot cuppa.

Saturday 15:18 - We decided to visit the sea front and perhaps grab some fish and chips. Whilst there we saw Brett who has a gift shop and also runs the SeaMôr boat trips. Whilst chatting he offered us a place on his next trip as his guest, we were more than happy to graciously accept.
The view of New Quay (Cei Newydd) from the boat
The SeaMôr boat trips are a must for any visitor to New Quay. Rather than a pleasure cruise it's an educational experience. As well as learning about the local area you are presented with examples of the area's marine wildlife.
The marine biologist shows off a dog fish / small shark
It was a little more chilly than last time we were on this boat but still as enjoyable. As always Morticia jinxed any chance of dolphin sightings (we've never seen any dolphins from a boat although we've seen loads from the pier over the years).
Morticia never sees dolphins
from the boat
Finally I get my fish and chips and a decent cup of tea.
You can't bear fish and chips by the sea
Saturday 23:53 - We were invited by our hosts to accompany them to an engagement party in the Black Lion. We had a great night meeting local people, some of which we already knew. I had a few pints of Moho, a local beer.

Lechyd da.

I came home with Mike leaving Morticia with Sam and her friend. I've gone to bed, not sure when she will return but glad she'll be having a good time. I'm gonna catch some sleep.

Sunday 8:34 - Morticia rolled in at 1:30 and as such is still in bed. I'm guessing she had a good time.

Sunday 12:52 - We found out that the Dolau Inn is closing it's doors for the last time next week. I'm absolutely horrified that the owners, SA Brains (Brewery), plan to turn the building into accommodation. See the news story here
This historic pub is set for closure - I love this place 
Other than signing the online petition there isn't much I can do so I thought I'd better have one last drink in there. It's pretty run down and needs a refurb but could easily be good again.
My last Rev James in the Dolau Inn
Sunday 23:00 - We treated our hosts to a meal in the Pencnwc Holiday Park as a small appreciation for putting us up. Afterwards we chatted for a while before retiring for our last night.
This burger was a little big for me
Mwynhewch eich bwyd.

Monday 12:57 - A day of relaxing. Rags is playing with Alice and I'm enjoying a cup of tea. I know soon it'll be time to head home, although is it really home when I'd rather be here than there?

We have had a wonderful break spent with some wonderful people. It's sad that we are going home but happy at the memories we've made. I hope we can do this again soon, I feel a little closer today to this place - the place I love more than anywhere in the world.

Hwyl fawr.

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