Monday, 31 October 2016


It's that time of year again. It's getting darker and colder, the nights are longer and Christmas stuff is in the shops (although it's been in store since August). I do love the colours of the Autumn season although I don't enjoy the change in the weather. I think so far this year we've been lucky and it's been fairly dry round here. I used to love the nights drawing in, I used to think of it as a warm blanket I could wrap myself in. As I get older I think I feel the cold more and the darkness becomes a prison warden that keeps me indoors.
The turning of the leaves at Centertainment 
It's Halloween tonight and it's our busy time at work. So I'm stuck here whilst Morticia deals with the 'trick or treat'ers.
Rags has done a great job with the pumpkins this year. I remember when I was a kid pumpkins were rare (I don't think I'd ever seen one), we used to make our Jack O'Lanterns out of turnips.

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