Friday, 28 October 2016

1610.28 DREAM CAR?

What would most people do if they had a windfall, say like winning the lottery? It's a discussion I've had with quite a few friends. It's nice to dream. The subject always moves on to what dream car would you have. Most answer with supercars like Aston Martins, Lamborghinis, Ferraris etc etc. Then they ask me. They're usually shocked when I tell them I want a van.

That's right, a van!

Ok, not just any old van. It'd be a nice van like a Mercedes (other vans are available). I'd have the top of the range and kit out the inside with secure storage for about 3 bikes. I'd have a kitchenette fitted so I could make a brew and deck it out luxuriously, it'd be the perfect base for cycling adventures. The exterior would be white and I'd have it painted up with Star Trek style decals (trademarks recognised). Imagine the attention it'd get at ComicCons! 
An artist's (me) impression of my dream van
It's nice to dream, I do realise that I've got a greater chance of been hit by a meteor than I have of hitting the jackpot on the lottery but it's one of my dreams and one day it might just come true. 

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