Friday 6 January 2017


This happened just before Christmas but it was difficult for me to squeeze the post in. It's the most exciting thing for a glasses wearer.

I've been one for about 30 years now the obligitory eye test and new glasses every 2 years is something to look forward to. The current set up with opticians offering 2 pairs of glasses for the price of 1 plus the shear choice of frames makes the whole business a fashion experience rather than a medical one (as it was when I was a child).

I had a good idea what I wanted when I visited my local Specsavers (other opticians are of course available) and after a satisfactory eye examination (you have to be comfortable with your optician as it's a very up close and personal experience) I went to choose my new glasses. Nothing significant had changed so I didn't really need any new ones but since I pay into a health scheme through work I get reimbursed for purchase of glasses (up to a certain value every 2 years) therefore I was having new glasses. I wanted an everyday pair and a pair for best that way my current glasses could be demoted to service at work (which I could leave in my locker) as my prescription was pretty much unchanged.

I chose a pair of blue framed Converse® for my everyday pair and a brightly coloured grey/yellow pair of SuperDry® for best.

Here they are, what do you think?
Converse to the left, SuperDry to the right 
I love them, good job since glasses are an important part of my look, after all I wear them most of the time so choosing the right ones is very important, I hope you agree I chose wisely. After all I'm stuck with them for 2 years.

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