Sunday, 1 January 2017


So here it is... 2017.

Life... The only real frontier. 
These are the voyages of CaptainKirt™
His ongoing mission to seek out intelligent life amongst the great unwashed... 

To Baldly Go! 

As a child of the 20th century I'm always in awe of the 2000s, I feel like I'm living through a 1980s Sci Fi movie. So what does this year hold for us all? Will the political upheaval continue or will common sense prevail and save us? Will the flying car be invented? Is this the year Internet becomes self aware?

Now it's the time to look forward not back. I have a feeling of optimism about this new year. I guess time will tell. 

I'm not a person for resolutions, so there will be none of that here, except for.... 

Some months ago I feel I lost my cycling mojo. My shifts at work coupled with other things just got in the way. Apart from cycling to and from work my riding has been on a hiatus this autumn/winter and I'm pretty ashamed of that. So if I have to have one new year's resolution it's that I need to get back on that bike again.

Oh, and if I'm forced to stretch it out to two then I could try and learn another tune on the harmonica and double my repertoire. 

Anyway, it's 2017. Let's welcome the New Year with a beer. Cheers and... 
©Dave Yallop

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