Friday 20 January 2017


Back in 1999 I married my Morticia. The day was perfect and as you may expect was one of the greatest days of my life (and I don't say that lightly). An important part of our day was the venues. Our reception venue was chosen after an intense search for a suitable place. 
We chose the Grosvenor House Hotel as the venue of choice. It was selected because the size was right, it was located centrally in Sheffield City Centre, the staff were accommodating and finally (of course) in sat within our budget.

So why am I writing about a hotel I crossed paths with almost 18 years ago? Because last week it was demolished. A part of my family history has gone forever. 
Credit: Sheffield City Council
The hotel was built in 1966 in a typical 1960s style (in time for the football world Cup matches which were being played in the city) and at the time was Sheffield's only four star hotel. During it's lifetime it was host to celebrities, sports personalities and even royalty, including the Prince and Princess of Wales, Charles and Diana. In it's heyday it certainly was THE place to stay in Sheffield. 

This is why I'm proud that I was part of it's history. 

The last guests checked out in 2009 and the hotel closed it's doors forever. 

Last week the heavy machinery was brought in to tear down the remaining shell. The site is part of the new retail quarter development which promises new shopping and a new public square. The development has stalled numerous times over the last few years but seems to have started moving forward. 

As I get older more of the past seems to go away only to be forgotten by future generations. I hope when archivists of the future view the old photos of the Grosvenor they pass a thought of all the happiness the building has hosted. 

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