Tuesday, 14 February 2017

1702.14 I LOVE YOU ££££ MUCH!

It's St. Valentine's Day today which means lovers all over the world will be celebrating this evening. But what are we exactly celebrating?

The day became associated with romantic love around the 14th century and in the 18th century it evolved into an occasion where lovers expressed their feeling by presenting flowers, confectionery and handwritten notes (which evolved into greetings cards).  Lovers also take the opportunity to 'go out' on a date night, usually for a meal.

Overall I'm happy with that. Lately though I've noticed commercialisation creeping in. How is it proving your love by buying an expensive electrical item? Is love measured by how much you can spend? This infuriates me! Again, a festival that has good sentiments has been hijacked by big business to make money. I don't have an issue with the silly novelty items, in fact I love the silliness but I'm not going to be persuaded to spend loads of money to prove a sentiment I express every day of my life to my Morticia.

So if you have a special person in your life then take them out, buy them chocolates/flowers/novelties. Enjoy each other but please don't let the nasty commercialisation that has ruined so many celebrations take over. 

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