Monday 20 February 2017


When Ronan Keating sang "life is a roller-coaster" I think he could have been describing the last few days of my life. Emotionally it's been joy to traumatic and everywhere in between.

The high involved my eldest daughter, she bagged herself a new job - a chance to really shine. I'm really proud of her. 

The low was she left us again, she's moved out after living back with us for the last couple of months. This time was different though, she didn't make a scene to mask the emotional difficulties she has, instead there were a lot of tears and a lot of promises. This time there was to be no shutting out and blocking. I gave her advice on how she needed to look after herself and warned her not to fuck up her new job.

And so I find myself feeling loss, I've mentioned before how difficult it is locking the front door at night when not everyone is behind it. I'm really going to miss her. 

There was another high this weekend, and it nearly didn't happen. I worked on Valentine's day so Morticia and I planned to go out the next day. That didn't happen (the perils of Morticia's chronic illness) so we put it off until the weekend. 

We had planned a daytime outing but we were late getting off. We caught the bus into Sheffield City Centre and then onward to Ecclesall Road (the swanky part of town frequented by many of the city's student population). 

After hearing great things we visited the 'Pointing Dog'; an establishment that is known for wine, cocktails, ales and good food. We weren't disappointed. afterwards we made our way back into the City Centre and the Brewdog bar (a favourite of ours).

Morticia and me in the Brewdog
We took the bus back home for 23:00ish.

So this last few days, especially the weekend, has been emotional to say the least. I'm hoping my youngest is going to be ok with all this. She's been so much over the last few years and her exams are on the horizon. I know she's a strong individual and I have faith, she needs her sister to be good on her word to not be a stranger - we need to remain a family, all four of us.

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