Thursday 23 February 2017


Ten years ago I was looking for a service that would allow me to publish 'status updates' on my website and blog. Something small, short and snappy that I could perhaps update over WAP (do you remember WAP?) and not have to fire up the old desktop computer.

I searched the internet which was a very different place 10 years ago and tried many different services. One that I signed up for that I thought might fit the bill was a year old micro-blogging site called 'Twitter'.

Twitter at the time had just recently changed it's name from 'twttr' and was practically unheard of in my circles. I joined when there was less than 1 million subscribers - I was member number 791,689 - you can find your twitter number at The users were generally tech savvy people and trolls were all but unheard of. My first tweet is lost on the actual platform (the first few months of tweets have gone), luckily I recorded it in my blog of the time for posterity...
My first tweet
I liked the fact that I could use SMS to sent 'tweets' but in the end that proved to be expensive. It was a while until Twitter was set free to go mobile.

In the end it didn't fit the bill for why I originally signed up but I liked it and stayed with it. There have been times I've practically stopped using it, when I've considered closing up and quitting. There was a time back in 2012 when I temporally closed my account for a couple of months when life really got on top of me. But I'm still here, I'm still tweeting, today it's my preferred social media outlet and although it's not perfect, there are plenty of the great unwashed on there, I find the clientele more favourable to platforms like Facebook.

If you tweet join me at @CaptainKirt and say "hello"!

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