Sunday, 9 July 2017


Everyone who knows me knows that knows that July I spend watching the cycling on telly. It's Tour de France time of course, the 2nd of the grand tours and arguably the most famous. 

So week one is over and there's definitely been drama. The wet first stage individual time trial which took out Alexandre Valverde. But you can't talk about week one without mentioning the whole Sagan-Cavendish incident. I'm not going to take a side since the whole thing seems to have divided the internet. Both have had to go home and the Tour won't be as good without them. 
The elbow incident
The glory belongs to Team Sky who have held onto the Yellow Jersey from the start, initially on the back of Geraint Thomas then from stage 5 transferring to Chris Froome.
Geraint Thomas wears Yellow 
It's been a week pretty much for the sprinters with Marcel Kittle finishing the week in Green. The start of the second week sees the action move up into the mountains, so who will be in Yellow this time next week? Honestly, it's too early to say but I'm going to enjoy finding out.
Kittle pips Bosan Hagen by just 6mm

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