Monday 17 July 2017

1707.16 NEW WHO

So we were told that the new actor to play The Doctor in 'Doctor Who' would be revealed directly after the Men's Wimbledon Finals. I monitored social media and learned the tennis had finished early so quickly turned over to the last few minutes of the men's final.

I'm not a tennis fan so was particularly agrieved that I was forced to watch any of it. I think that not giving the announcement a fixed time meant the tension increased although many were upset because they missed the live reveal.

The lineup of possibles was quite impressive ranging from top movie stars to favourites from television. The rumour mill has been working overtime since Peter Capaldi announced he was stepping down. The early favourite was Kris Marshall which was my least favourite choice, not because I don't like Mr Marshall but because I think he would be a 'safe' bet and Doctor Who (in my opinion) is ready for something new.

So the reveal began in the form of a short film showing a hooded figure walking through a wooded area. No clues there. Then the hand was seen opening with the TARDIS key materialising in the palm, could that be a woman's hand? Then the eye could be seen from within the hood, it's definitely a woman (or Eddie Izzard?). The hood came down and the reveal was complete, Jodie Whittaker is the next Doctor Who.

The reaction initially was upbeat and positive. I'm absolutely chuffed, it shouldn't be an issue that the Doctor is female this time but unfortunately some on social media are getting a little upset and angry with the fact. It's not 'political correctness', the Doctor is a Gallifreyan Time Lord and it's been well established that the fictional race can regenerate into any sex, skin colour, height etc. It's probably one of the only roles in film and TV that can literally be portrayed by any actor.

And to those that have trouble with the casting because of gender, no this doesn't mean a female James Bond or a male Miss Marble. Stop being silly, it's the 21st century and I'd like to think those attitudes are firmly in the past.

Well done Jodie, I think they made a great choice.

“Change my dear, and it seems not a moment too soon"
- Doctor #6

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