Saturday, 16 June 2018

1806.15 LEAVER

I left school 31 years ago. I remember it well. There was no fanfare, no prom (we didn't have such things back then) no gathering or inspirational speeches - I just finished my last exam and walked out the door never to return.

So why I'm I talking about this now? Well yesterday my youngest daughter, Rags, finished her final exam and effectively left school. So now I have no children of school age, a position I've not been in for a long time.

It's an exciting and scary time for any young person and I'm confident that she'll rise to the challenge. She's an amazing young woman who just excels whenever she puts her mind to anything. It only feels like yesterday we were getting her ready for her first day. I still miss walking my children to primary school and I know I'll miss walking up to meet Rags from the bus stop when she's on her way home (which I did occasionally until very recently - she'd ask me to).

My children are almost all grown up now and although I know they still need me it's still an emotional time. Life is fluid and full of changes, I know, but this is a big deal. The next stage in my life - our lives.

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