Tuesday 5 June 2018

1806.05 THE WEIGHT

Time is a commodity I don't have loads of at the moment. When I do get a precious moment I am so tired I don't feel like doing anything.

My last post I talked about how work is going well (and it is), but we are seriously understaffed and I find myself always thinking about stuff that needs doing - I know I need a break but I don't really want to waste my leave so early in the year. 

Then there's my youngest daughter's upcoming prom. To be fair, Morticia has been doing most of the organising but that doesn't stop me from worrying about it. Most of the things are sorted now but I don't think I'll be settled 'til we're at the 'other side'. Of course before a prom there are GCSEs which I'm trying to support my youngest through, the stress for her must be immense but that rubs off on us all as we try to help her through.

And there's the holiday. Our annual trip to Wales. Now if it wasn't for work providing overtime (something that hasn't been on offer for a number of years) then I think we wouldn't be going this year. Proms are expensive and pay rises just don't happen these days. Anyway, the holiday is on but I need to be strict about saving so we have money to spend whilst we are there. The overtime has since dried up so I'm left to regular scrimping and saving.

Plus there are other things going on and all in all it's all stress and weighs heavily on me at the moment. I need time and space, but mainly time. I want a break, I probably need a break. I just don't have the time. I have the weight of the world on me at the moment.

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