Monday, 25 June 2018


You'd have to have been living in a cave to realise that there is a little football tournament going on known as the World Cup.

If you know me you know that I really don't like football. I've tried to like it so I can fit in and join in with the conversations. I've reached an age where I now refuse to conform to what people expect. I don't engage in football talk like I might have in the past (pretending to know what they're talking about). Now I just try and ignore it the best I can. 

I'm not being a killjoy, I'm happy there's something that makes people happy. What I'm not enjoying is the fact it is being rammed down my throat, it's everywhere. The TV schedules are all messed up and matches are on the TV at work during meal breaks. It's embedded in the current advertising and is mentioned across all media. 

I'm just going to try to continue to avoid it, I'll not be watching or following the tournament in anyway. I'll just be patiently waiting for the Tour de France which starts soon. 

I'm just glad the World Cup is every 4 years and not an annual event. 

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